How it works?

It’s very easy to buy your item from Taobao or Tmall. The purchase process is consisting of two parts:

Part 1: Ship your goods to our warehouse

In order to ship the purchased goods from Taobao sellers to our warehouse; You have to follow these steps:

Send us the items links (with: quantity, color, size, and other information if any)

You can use Google Chrome to translate the whole page of Taobao or Tmall.

Send us your detailed recipient address.

We review the links and related products (we don’t buy dangerous or prohibited items) by our staff,and then we request you to send us the shopping fee.

We apply the following formula to calculate the shopping fee;
Shopping fee = Taobao items price + domestic shipping (from seller to warehouse, 10 RMB) + purchase commission, 10% of Taobao item + 5,4% (Paypal transfer fee)
Shopping fee = [(Taobao item + 10) * 1.1]* 1.054
Shopping fee is in RMB, to convert it to USD, you have to devide it by 6.3

Part 2: Send your goods to your address

After we receive your order in our warehouse, we send you the total weight of your order, and according to the weight, you select your shipping method (express or post), after that you send us the shipping fee by Paypal.